Friday, 17 January 2014


Flowers are the love of all those people who love nature and are close to it. All those people who love flowers, like to take bouquets as gifts on all occasions. If a person has any relative or close relation who is an ardent lover of flowers; then he/ she is maybe quite lucky as he does not need to think hard for a gift, flowers would say it all. Flowers express feelings best and make the flower lover happy as ever.There are several flower fields that are very well cultivated. These fields have the best quality flowers of all colors and types. The fields are managed just outside each city. All those people who have been managing the buying of flowers for different occasions know that the fields are cultivated separately for each type of flowers. The florists buy flowers from the people who cultivate flowers and sell them and good rates in the market. The public enjoy the beauty and the sweet smell of the fresh flowers brought in by the florists on daily bases. Just book your order online and send seasonal flowers to Mumbai according to the season.

Bouquets can help in keeping the atmosphere fresh and scented. One feels blessed when he is so near to nature even when inside his/her home. Flowers leave a very charming and refreshing affect on sick people. Flowers are always good to send in hospitals as people feel close to nature and want to get back to life once they have flowers around them. Fresh and vibrant colors with lovely scents make the atmosphere very fresh and cool. 

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Small dinner parties or formal dinners can also have the addition of small fresh flower bouquets to make the dinner room look good. In the seasonal flowers Delphinium, Freesia and Chrysanthemums are one of the best options. Freesia has the best smell, as the scent is good, strong and long lasting. They have a 10-18 inches long stem and do not have any kind of leaves or foliage on it. Delphinium has several colors which make it easy to choose from or get a bouquet arranged in any dress code or party color theme. There vase life is about 12-15 days.


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